How You Can Help the Tesoris

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Paul and Michelle want to thank everyone so much for all the support, encouragement, well-wishes and thoughts.

Most importantly, they want each of you to know they are reading every single text, post, tweet, message and listening to every voicemail every chance they get. Please understand, there is very limited access to cell phone signal at NICU and every moment they get to spend either their precious Isaiah they take full advantage of. This makes them not often able to respond as quickly as they’d like, but they feel your love and prayers surrounding them and are humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude at the outpouring of support.

They really appreciate everyone wanting to come visit, unfortunately right now baby Isaiah is not allowed any visitors outside of Michelle or Paul for his own safety and there isn’t really a place for visitors to sit at Wolfson’s Children’s NICU.

As far as visitors at their home, since they are spending most of their time with Isaiah (have you seen this angel? Who wouldn’t???!!!), having visitors at their home isn’t terribly feasible at this time either.

They’ve shared these ways you can help:

• Continue to pray for Isaiah and the doctors and nurses who are charged with his care. New to prayer? No worries! Here are just a couple suggested verses to look up and pray:

    – Isaiah 40:31

    – Jeremiah 1:5

    – 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

• Love on your own children and families and share the great news of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ with them as we know that He makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). ALL THINGS. His plan is far greater than ours, we just have to trust Him!

• Friends have set up a Meal Train page to help provide meals for them during this difficult time. To learn more, visit


We are working to set up a PO Box for the Tesoris for those of you who have requested an address to sends cards, etc. As soon as we have something set up, we will let you know.

In the meantime, continue to follow them here on the Tesori Family Foundation website for all the latest on Isaiah and his journey. Questions? Ask them here or on the Contact Us page and we’ll have someone monitoring the requests.

Again, the Tesoris send their love, their gratitude and their sincere thankfulness for all of you who have asked how you can help.



Baby Isaiah “sunbathing” with his stylish glasses in the NICU at Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville.

A huge thanks to Boo and Karyn Weekley for this amazing gift bag filled with goodies for baby Isaiah.
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