AMiMS LogoIf I learned about the campaign in mid-June and sign up in July, does my pledge apply to ALL miles walked by Paul in the 2017 portion of the PGA TOUR wrap-around season?

Yes, you will receive a statement at the end of the season for your per mile pledge x total # of miles walked in the entire 2016-2017 PGA TOUR Season. For example, let’s say you sign up June 25 to pledge $0.10 per mile. The Tesori Family Foundation team will send you an statement for $0.10 x total miles walked from the first event in October 2016 through the last event that concludes October 1, 2017.

How does Paul track his miles walked?

Paul turns his Jawbone UP watch on as soon as he starts working during each tournament week. Some weeks, Paul works Mondays mapping out the course. Some weeks, Paul works on the driving range with Webb and walks 9+ holes. Some weeks, Webb plays a practice round on Tuesday and plays 18 holes in the Wednesday Pro-Am. Any mile walked while Paul is on the tournament course will be counted towards the total miles walked during the 2016-2017 wrap-around season.

What if I forget how much I pledged per mile?

Please email TFF@tesorifamilyfoundation.com at any time and a team member will share your documented pledge amount.

What does the 2018 TPC Experience prize package include?

The package includes:

  • round trip airfare for two (2) to Jacksonville, FL (or anywhere JetBlue flies!)
  • two (2) weekly passes to The PLAYERS Championship at the famed TPC Sawgrass
  • two (2) free rounds of golf for two (2) at incredible local courses
  • dinner for two (2) at Restaurant Medure in Ponte Vedra Beach
  • a iPad Mini 4 to capture memories of your trip
  • IZOD golf outfit
  • Tesori Family Foundation Survival Straps energy bracelet
  • Jawbone UP

So how do I win the 2018 TPC Experience?

Ok, let’s start with the basics. Sign up to pledge or make a flat donation prior to June 1, 2017. Because everyone who signs up before that date will be asked to guess how many miles Paul will walk this season. Why the cutoff? To keep it fair, we have to have a cut off or else some sneaky people might wait until September to guess since Paul is reporting his weekly miles. Those people, while crafty and smart, would have a HUGE advantage over someone who guessed in February or March. Hence the June 1 cutoff.

After that it’s really quite simple. The winner is the person who guesses the exact number of miles Paul walks from October 2016 – the completion of the season (hopefully right after the Presidents Cup) in 2017. If two or more people get it exactly right, we’ll have a TBD playoff question to play for the grand prize. If no one guesses it exactly right, the winner will be the person who guesses the closest without going over.

Please email TFF@tesorifamilyfoundation.org with any questions or concerns you may have.