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Good morning all! It’s Michelle! After another miraculous day yesterday, we are so excited to have a few seconds to post ourselves and reach out to you all and tell you we are so humbled by the love and prayers. They are WORKING! Don’t stop praying for little Isaiah and his doctors and nurses!

Specifically, you can pray that he will eat! He naps like his Daddy, but we need him to eat like him too! Also, as we await the results from his Down Syndrome test, we ask for prayers that the percentage be as low as God will see fit. If that’s 20%, awesome! If that’s 90%, GREAT! We’ll take it. Whatever God will give us.

I’d also like to ask for prayers specifically for my husband. I cannot tell you how much he has served the Lord, our son and me over the past few days, in addition to changing the lives of people all over the country with his testimony that’s on the home page of this website that we keep getting notes about people now watching. It’s truly a miracle in our lives.

This will be a quick post so that we can get back to attending to our angel, but people keep asking about wanting to make a donation to our foundation. We are so humbled by that offer. In the past, we’ve funded the foundation entirely on our own so we’re simply not equipped to take donations online. However, WE HEAR YOU! You all want to help, and I assure you, Paul and I have prayed many times over the past several days about how our foundation can grow from this experience to help SOOOO many more people, starting right here in Jacksonville with some of the other families we’ve met in NICU who may not have the financial resources to take care of their children the way God has blessed us.

So with that, we will gladly accept your donations, for now, via check, if you would like to make one. You are welcome to mark on your donation if there’s a specific cause that God has put on your heart. If not, we’ll take very good care of your donation once our little boy is home and safe with us and we’ll work very hard to continue to change lives through the work of our Savior with your generosity.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the foundation and for now, until our PO Box is set up later this week, can be mailed in care of our church near our home:

Tesori Family Foundation
c/o Crosswater Community Church
211 Davis Park Drive
Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

In the coming days, we’ll post information about the new PO Box, about some thoughts we’ve privately shared about the direction of our foundation, etc. We’ll be looking to grow quickly as we know there are so many people we can help immediately, so don’t be surprised if you’re a friend of ours and we reach out to you for help! There are no strangers in God’s kingdom, so welcome to our family!

Also, as you know, we’ve been praying over a specific bible verse every day. Today’s verse is one of my personal faves:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future.

~ Jeremiah 29:11

I pray that verse will be a blessing to you in your life today in whatever way God sees fit.

Thank you for the continued support and prayers. We are so thankful for each and every single one.


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