Monday’s #cupfullofprayer

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“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

We enter this week humbled by the requests for our prayer warriors to be called into action – we know we’ve got the best in town!! Many are fighting upstream, against the current, and seeking answers in God’s plan. We understand your struggle and conflict, but rest assure He’s got this for you!

This is a time to talk with God and tell him about what you are experiencing, and to ask him to share His grace with those mentioned below. Let Him guide those struggling through the treacherous waters. Let Him take shape of the one he wants His children to be. We are merely the clay, molded in God’s hands.

Please pray.

1) For Aunaleigh Bankes, a sweet, innocent two year old in the children’s hospital
in San Diego. They think she has leukemia and she is prepping for bone marrow transplant or testing today. Give her family strength to overcome whatever the test results may reveal, and for God to show her family His grace and truth.

2) For the Bigger family and their acceptance of the “what ifs” as they welcome a 2nd baby into the world soon. God stay with this amazing family as they grow into a relationship with you. Pray for a healthy baby boy, full of Your love.

3) For T. Mokgosana and his family in South Africa during this trying time. God show this family strength to overcome all challenges they may face.

4) For a young new driver on the road and may her safety be of number one concern. Lord we pray you stay with her every time she gets behind the wheel, and look over her for we know the road can be a dangerous place.

5) For Baby Bella’s safe arrival home! We are so excited to announce Bella is home with her family and welcomed with open arms to the Down syndrome community. Thank you prayer warriors – please keep Bella in your thoughts and prayers!

6) For R Hope and his renewed faith. We thank God for sharing Isaiah’s story with R H and bringing him deeper into a relationship with you, Lord.

7) For all of the all PGA Tour players, wives and families at Augusta. Lord, please stay with these families as You continue to mold their careers on the course. Wrap Your wings around the mothers and young children on Tour, and give them strength to support their loved ones.

8) For Sweet Grass Cookies and our sweet little chef who so willingly prepared cookies for the Wolfson NICU staff last week! Pray for the hearts touched by the story behind the apron, and the family behind the scenes.

9) For the Sauer family as they battle their little boy’s tumor through prayer. We NEED all of our prayer warriors praying hard for this family. The mother’s strength in faith is unmatched, and Lord we know you have answers. We pray for the Sauer family to trust in Your plan and let you lead the way. B Sauer, we are with you forever and always. Follow their story HERE.

10) For a friend of the Tesori family, Rita, who is struggling with some health issues. We ask you stay with her as she battles through these illnesses.

11) For Pastor Bob and Living Oaks Baptist Church in Oklahoma. We are praying for their church family to continue to bring glory to God.

Last but not least, please pray for the families of the victims of the Fort Hood shooting. Lord, please help the victim’s families recover and lean on Your grace. Please pray for the Fort Hood community to regain strength to feel safe in their homes. For those remaining to seek shelter in Your glory and learn from the unspeakable acts of violence. We do not always understand, but we trust You are in control.

Isaiah 64:8

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