Our Mission

We are a community bound by a profound purpose: to make a significant, lasting impact on the neurodiverse community. Our dedication transcends personal achievements, focusing on creating opportunities and support in sport and recreation, education, and career development for those with neurodiversity.

In sports, we strive to make the excitement of participation and the camaraderie of community sports accessible to everyone, including neurodiverse individuals. Through inclusive events, we aim to provide a nurturing environment where everyone can thrive, celebrating the joy and social, and physical well-being that comes from engagement in sports.

Education is pivotal in our mission, as we work to unlock the potential within the neurodiverse community. We support educational initiatives that cater to diverse learning styles, fund programs that equip educators to meet these unique needs and develop learning materials that are both accessible and engaging.

Career development is also a cornerstone of our efforts. We advocate for pathways to meaningful employment for neurodiverse individuals, partnering with organizations to promote a diverse workforce that values the unique perspectives and talents of every individual.

Every step we take, every race we run, is a step towards a more inclusive future. We are not just participants in a race; we are advocates for change, working towards a world where opportunities in sport, education, and career are accessible and equitable for all. Join us in this journey, and let’s make every step count towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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February 20-24, 2025

During the 2025 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend presented by CORKCICLE®, come be part of a runDisney® journey that finds our beloved princesses going up against the wonderfully wicked villains of their stories and realize your own potential along the way.

On February 20–24, 2025, join us for this fairy-tale weekend at Walt Disney World® Resort where you can rise up during the Disney Princess 5K. Fly high at the Disney Princess 10K. Slay the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Or run the fairest of them all by taking on the Disney Fairytale Challenge. Adding even more enchantment are the treasured finisher’s medals you’ll earn for each race—you can even earn three if you complete the challenge (comprised of the 10K and Half Marathon)! And don’t miss the chance to enjoy some Disney Princess Yoga to wrap up your royal weekend.

January 8-12, 2025

Join Mickey Mouse and his pals as you continue the decades-long tradition of discovering magic in every mile. With thoughtful touches reminiscent of a classic Disney era, you’ll find yourself inspired by whimsical character favorites, musical entertainment, and more.

Choose from four different races plus the 20th anniversary of Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, and the Dopey Challenge that takes you 48.6 miles across all four Walt Disney World Theme Parks. Get your adrenaline pumping and experience excitement and delight with an old-school flair on your way to that euphoric moment of crossing the finish line.

October 31- November 3, 2024

ChEARS to 15 years! For four decadent days at Walt Disney World® Resort, the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend will celebrate its crystal anniversary by highlighting iconic Disney Chefs and the wacky and wonderful food they create. From a flavorful 5K and a tasty 10K to a hearty half marathon and a tempting two-course challenge, the events will feature food-centric stories, Disney characters, delightful snacks and more to help power you to the finish line.