Lend A Hand Grant

We are thrilled to announce our grant recipients for 2023:
Cathedral Arts Project
Healing Hearts Project
Isaiah 117 House – Duval County

We encourage you to click each link above to learn more about the incredible organizations & projects we’re thrilled to support.

In an effort to support our Northeast Florida community, the Lend a Hand, Heal a Heart Grant provides financial assistance up to $5,000 to 501c3 organizations who share our passion and commitment for serving and celebrating children with special needs. 

Applicant Requirements

  • Organizations must be a 501c3 organization and provide appropriate documentation.
  • Organization’s mission is to primarily support children 18 years of age or younger AND share our passion for serving and celebrating children with special needs and their families locally (northeast Florida).
  • Present a clearly defined vision on how these financial resources will help you achieve your goal(s) including the community impact and effectiveness of this project.
  • Provide organization’s overall budget for application year.
  • Provide organization’s most recent 990.
  • Grant funds must be utilized within 12 months of the distribution of funds.
  • Recipients will be asked to provide quarterly updates of how the funds are being used within the organization.

Application Submissions

Applicants will be required to submit their application and appropriate documentation to our TFF Grant Committee by emailing [email protected] by October 1.

Review Process 

All applications will be reviewed by our TFF Grant Committee made up of three (3) local community members affiliated with the special needs community. This committee reviews all applications, ensures each have met all the requirements and makes recommendations for approval. If recommending a grant for approval, this committee additionally makes recommendations for the amount of each grant based off criteria being met, resources available and an assessment of which organizations’ use of grant funds will best serve the community. Those recommendations are passed along to a team of three (3) Tesori Family Foundation Board members for final voting and determination of recipients*. All applicants will be notified either by phone or email of their grant application status after the review process is complete.

*For transparency and to ensure fair grant application review practices, neither Paul or Michelle Tesori sit on any review or approval committee.