Questions about Meal Train

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Have gotten some great questions about Meal Train (see previous post on how You Can Help…)

Regarding dietary restrictions, there are none. However, from experience we can tell you the following inside info (*wink):

• they love healthy foods like salads and lean meats/proteins

• they both prefer lower fat, lower carb foods

• not so fond of onions or peppers!

• Paul doesn’t do mustard or cilantro 😉

• neither really drinks carbonated drinks, simple water is perfect

• Paul *may* be (is) obsessed with blue Monsters. Don’t buy too many. Need this new Daddy to sleep!!!!!

Regarding drop off, they really can’t take many more deliveries at NICU as so many families are there and they simply run out of space.

If you choose, Michelle and Paul would love to give several of their meals to the staff at Wolfson’s NICU to help keep their spirits and energy up as they treat the more than 50 other angel babies in their care. Simply send food there or drop off at the NICU registration desk indicating it is for the staff courtesy of you and the Tesoris whose son, Isaiah, is being treated there.

Thank you so much. We’ll try to be clearer with our info in the future. Again, the link to sign up is

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