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Purchase one of our cute car decals for your family! Let the world know that your kid has more chromosomes than theirs! These cute decals come in “my kid”, for you and “my granddaughter/grandson” for proud grandparents too! A great way to celebrate your child AND to support the Tesori Family Foundation. Decals are 8″ x 5.5″ and stick straight to the body of a clean car. Each design has the option of a clear background (only suitable for white cars) or a white background (recommended for most vehicles).

Available Styles:

Please use the form below to order your decals. Each decal is just $10 and includes shipping anywhere in the United States!

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Please let us know how many decals you would like of each saying and your background color preference:
(For example, 1 "My Kid" white background and 2 "My Grandson" clear background)