Checking In!

Just want to say hello to everybody again. It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy and slightly frustrating year so far on the golf course but I want to give everybody an update on where the foundation stands and where we’re hoping it will go in the near future. We continue to look for ways to give back and have some exciting events we hope to execute in the coming months.  As we all know, these are tough financial times, so some of the hopes and desires we had for our first event to have taken place already were put on the back burner temporarily.  The Lord will open doors when it’s the right time, and we continue to prepare for that time so that we’ll be ready when He is!

I really thank everybody for the positive feedback and constant prayers we’ve received as we continue our journey in giving back.  I’ve received overwhelming support from folks on the PGA TOUR, fans, friends from all over the world and family members who are all going to be part of this dream with me. 

For those of you interested in golf updates, we’ve managed to turn the season around the past two months with some consistently good play.  We’re still looking for that breakout win which I feel deep down inside is coming soon.  We are headed to The Open Championship at St. Andrews in Scotland in about a week, followed by the Canadian Open held just outside of Toronto.  Rackin’ up those frequent flier miles!  Follow all our golf action a the PGA TOUR website or follow me on twitter @_Soki_

For those of you who have tried to reach me via the Tesori Family Foundation website, please send me another message. My computer illiteracy has left me unable to respond in the past, which is something I’m overcoming! 

God bless, and please keep us in your prayers!