Hey Guys… It’s Me Again!

Sorry, gang, that it’s taken me so long to get back to the foundation website. There have been so many changes, not only professionally, but in my private life as well since the last time I posted…

Last October, Sean O’Hair and I parted ways. This began a two and a half month struggle which included selling our house and cars and basically starting from square one. 

As always, the Lord’s plan was so much better in many ways than my own. In mid-December, 2010, I accepted a job to go work for Webb Simpson on the PGA TOUR. Our first tournament together was at the Sony Open in Hawaii in January and we immediately became close friends and brothers in Christ. I have a feeling for those of you who didn’t know much about Webb, I’m sure you know a lot more now! Since Webb and I teamed up at the beginning of the year, he and his wife, Dowd, have had a new baby,  won two golf tournaments, earned $5.6 million, and is currently in very good position to win the FedExCup title, money list and player of the year honors (in my favorite voice that Michelle loves, “Oh really?”)

And through all of it, the Lord has blessed us with a new home, older cars which run beautifully and FINALLY an official wedding date (December 30th) to the love of my life, Michelle.

I don’t know how many ways to express how blessed I am.  The success we’ve experienced on the golf course this year has allowed me to give back in ways I’ve always dreamed about. This off season, the Tesori Family Foundation will be feeding local needy families for Thanksgiving and providing Christmas gifts for homeless children in the St. Augustine area in Florida as we did last year.

One of the other commitments I’ve made, among many, is to do a better job updating the website and keeping you all posted on what I’m up to, both personally and professionally, with a highlight, of course, on our foundation and the lives we can touch through glorifying God.

As always, feel free to post your comments, questions, etc.  And for my new twitter followers who are just joining my site, welcome! Feel free to harass me if I don’t post on here at least once a month!

God bless,