People First, Pretty Please


Mary-Beth Rose and Michelle Tesori – sisters!

I am incredibly proud to share with you a blog post my younger sister, Mary-Beth Rose, posted this morning on her site. I share pictures of her with you as well because she’s so stinking awesome.

Please read her new blog post: People First, Pretty Please. It’s great insight into the world she and I grew up in, the world Paul was introduced to when we started dating, and how the world looks at the people around us.

I really encourage you take a few minutes of your day to look at the world from her perspective.

Also, a couple updates for you on Baby Isaiah:

  • We should have received the chromosome results today. However, they don’t give results over thephone, so we’ll get them in person next week when we see Dr. Persyzk, the geneticist.
  • We made appointments for Hope Haven (next week) and Early Steps (the following week) to get Isaiah’s ongoing rehab started. He’ll see occupational, physical and speech therapists! More people to love on him.
  • He’s been a champion eater today! YAHOO!
  • He needs a bath tonight, but it’s so cold here we’ve been putting it off – poor little guy will freeze! 🙂
  • Tomorrow is his last day of meds – he’s still taking some meds for an infection he got in his left eye while in NICU. Looks to be all cleared up though, and meds will finish tomorrow!
  • He gets to meet Paul’s daughter and his big sister, Alexis, FINALLY, tomorrow!!!! YAHOOOOOOO!

Ok, that’s it from sunny but chilly Florida for now. This mama is headed to take a nap. Please read my sister’s blog… don’t put it off. It’ll take 5 minutes. Max.

God bless you all!!! Enjoy your weekend!
Michelle & Paul


My adorable sister Mary-Beth gearing up for a Body By Robes workout. I think I might do this one tomorrow if I have it in me.