Welcome to the Tesori Family Foundation website.  Here we are on January 13th, 2010 and a dream of mine is starting its journey.  Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a desire to give to those less fortunate.  My family was your typical middle class American kind with a glaring exception…..LOVE!  My two sisters and I were always loved and supported with an amazing unconditional love.  My Dad worked 70-80 hours a week so we three kids would never be in dire need of anything.  My Mom stayed at home with us kids and may have outworked Dad.  I always watched and admired both my Mom and Dad and of course battled stubbornly on occasion as well.  As I grew up, the virtues instilled in me by my parents started to take root deep inside my heart.  In high school I was already envisioning a day where I could have my own golf academy.  An academy where I could help kids who might not have the means necessary to learn not only about the game of golf but about life as well. While the academy is still a dream of mine, it can now be realized through my foundation whose sole purpose is to provide for underprivileged children.

The good Lord came into my life at an early age and I firmly believe my purpose is to give back through the abilities and blessings he has granted me.  I played on the PGA Tour briefly and unsuccessfully in 1997 and 1999.  At the time I felt that I had let a lot of people down including myself.  As always however, God just had a different path he wanted me to follow.  I began caddying on the PGA Tour in 2000 with Vijay Singh.  We worked together with the exception of a short break until 2006.  I currently work for Sean O’Hair and have also worked for Jerry Kelly and one of my best friends, Chris Couch.  Through these years the success that the Lord has blessed me with is finally giving me the opportunity to pursue my childhood dream of giving back.  On this 13th day of January the dream became reality.  I know there will be some hardships and steps backward in this journey but I will give everything I have to make this foundation successful.  I know I’ve rambled on for a bit here but my passion and enthusiasm is bubbling over.  Thank You for taking an interest in the Tesori Family Foundation and God Bless.